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Natural Rejuvenating Chamomile & Raw Honey Face Cleanser

Natural Rejuvenating Chamomile & Raw Honey Face Cleanser

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Immerse your skin in a cleansing experience that seamlessly combines the gentle properties of chamomile and the nourishing effects of raw honey, leaving your complexion refreshed, revitalized, and thoroughly cleansed. 

Key Features:

  • Pure and Natural Ingredients: Crafted with utmost care, this face cleanser is a blend of chamomile and raw honey. It contains no synthetic additives, parabens, sulfates, or artificial fragrances, ensuring a truly natural and wholesome cleansing ritual.

  • Soothing and Calming: Chamomile is renowned for its calming properties, gently soothes the skin and alleviates irritations, making it perfect for sensitive and delicate skin types. 

  • Nourishing and Hydrating: The richness of raw honey deeply nourishes the skin, providing essential moisture and leaving your face feeling supple and hydrated after each use.

  • Rejuvenating Complexion: The combined effects of chamomile and raw honey help rejuvenate your complexion, promoting a radiant and youthful glow. Regular use assists in balancing the skin's natural oils, leaving it revitalized and luminous.

  • Effective Cleansing: This gentle yet effective cleanser effortlessly removes impurities, excess oils, and makeup residue, leaving your skin clean and refreshed without stripping away its natural moisture.

Directions for Use:

  1. Dampen your face with water.
  2. Apply  2-3 pumps of Raw Honey Face Cleanser to your skin. 
  3. Gently massage onto your face in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  5. Follow with our Rose Water Toner. 
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